Photonics and (fiber) optics have driven Telecom and Datacom applications into the high speed digital gateway we know today. To enable the future of tomorrow’s networks, we believe more optical function should be integrated allowing new advanced methods without added complexity and cost. We enable this potential with our modules based on broadband (400-2300nm) Photonic Integrated Circuits.

LXI designs and manufactures customized modules for photonic OEMs and System integrators. The PIC modules are based on our photonic integration technology and can manipulate laser light by splitting beams, combining beams, controlling intensity, phase, mode size and input- output configurations.

Our PIC modules are used in different types of products in Telecom and Datacom applications, like FttH splitters, coherent communication systems and 5G wireless applications (microwave photonics).

In many Telecom and Datacom applications one or more lasers are to transport broadband digital or analog signals over long distances. These systems are currently built using discrete optical components. Our Photonic Integrated Modules are beneficial for these applications as they increase robustness, reliability and compactness and open the route to ever increasing bandwidth requirements.