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How can we improve research in the development of medicines, food safety and chemical risks without the need for laboratory animals?

LioniX International appoints Arne Leinse as new CEO

On December 3, 2019 LioniX International has appointed Arne Leinse as the new CEO as of January 1st 2020.

Leading Dutch alliance in biochip development

Pic Training Silicon Valley 2019

Want to learn photonic integration? Design your own chip? Know all about how to assemble a Photonic Integrated Circuit into a proper working photonic module?

Join the annual PIC training in Santa Clara, California organized by 7Pennies Consulting. The training is one-stop-shop and covers all the material systems, whether Silicon, InP-based, or dielectrics such as TriPleX (SiO2/Si3N4). The training is supported by a broad consortium of companies and is hands-on as well as in-depth. Click here for more info.

The week-long program is such that it provides a quick but in-depth training on everything that you need for producing photonic integrated circuits. The program covers system aspects, a component tutorial, simulations and chip layout, foundry services for all material systems, packaging, test & measurement, and business/marketing essentials.

If you want to join this training or future ones, please subscribe here.

World’s first live 5G OBFN demonstration

Evonetix partner with LioniX International to enable DNA synthesis at scale

CAMBRIDGE, UK, and ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands, 01 October 2018 – EVONETIX LTD (‘Evonetix’), the Cambridge-based company pioneering an innovative approach to scalable and high-fidelity gene synthesis, and LioniX International will collaborate to scale up production of prototype microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) for DNA synthesis. LioniX International will use common silicon processing techniques and materials to manufacture a novel thermally addressable silicon array, which will enable Evonetix to control de novo DNA synthesis using its unique synergistic thermal control chemistry to deliver high-throughput assembly of high-fidelity gene-length DNA at scale.

Read the complete press release.

World’s first integrated optical beamforming network

LioniX International has set a world record by manufacturing and characterizing the world’s first fully integrated optical beamforming network (iOBFN). This chip-based module is built around the hybrid Indium Phosphide-TriPleX platform which combines chip-based modulators, lasers and detectors with the low-loss silicon nitride waveguide technology where further signal processing, such as filtering, phase shifting and group delay is performed.

To our knowledge, this is the first fully integrated microwave photonic module that provides full RF-to-RF functionality and combines 4 RF-signal inputs to 1 combined RF output. These modules will be used in beamforming modules for broadband satellite communication at Ka band (19 GHz), and are an essential step towards development for future 5G mmWave wireless applications at even higher frequencies (28 GHz and 60 GHz). They provide outdoor and indoor wireless coverage and capacity to end users and enable real time HD video, gaming and communication.

PHIX Photonics Assembly secures next round of financing and LioniX International obtains a majority share

Tuesday, July 10, 2018: PHIX Photonics assembly (PHIX) moves forward in the next step of its growth due to the recent acquisition of LioniX International BV by Magic Micro Co. Ltd . As part of this acquisition and the further implementation plan towards high volume assembly of Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)  modules, LioniX International has increased its share in PHIX. This will strengthen its position as a vertical integrated supplier of PIC based modules.

In parallel to this change in ownership, PHIX also secures financial support for the upscaling from semi- automated to fully-automated assembly lines. Both Magic Micro and Panthera International (the original main shareholder of LioniX International) are committing to financially support PHIX for further upscaling. This growth is needed to serve current customers and market demands.

‘This participation will enable us to serve our worldwide customers for moving from prototyping to high volume manufacturing of PIC based modules’, said Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO of LioniX International.

‘With this investment we can boost our growth in the PIC assembly arena, this will specifically accelerate the implementation of our automated assembly lines’, said Albert Hasper, CEO of PHIX

With this increased participation the position of Magic Micro in the field of integrated photonics is further strengthened. We now can offer our Korean customers a complete solution from prototyping to high volume production for PIC based products”, said William Jang, CEO of Magic Micro


Details of the financial support are not disclosed.


PHIX photonics assembly

PHIX supplies the photonics industry with assembly and packaging services for Photonics Integrated Circuits. The photonics industry is one of fastest growing industries at moment and can be compared with the electronics industry of the 70’s during the introduction of the ICs. In photonic integration there are three main technology platforms and each has its preferred application areas.  Silicon, InP, and TriPleX. Combining these different platforms by hybrid integration even enhances the possible application of photonic integration into the fast growing markets like tele- and data-communication, life science, automotive and consumer electronics. The main challenge for combining the PIC platforms is in the hybrid integration of the various PICs in one package. Not only have the PICs to be connected to optical fibers and electrical connections but also they have to be interconnected. This is the main focus of PHIX: to supply PIC manufacturers for assembly of their PICs and package them into qualified modules for their OEM customers.



LioniX International:

LioniX International offers a complete supply chain of PIC technology, delivering full modules to its OEM customers. This vertical integration allows a focus on volume PIC applications for worldwide customers by enabling more rapid advancement from R&D concepts towards high-volume integrated solutions. The full, vertical integration allows a true one-stop-shop service to the customers. The company has a strong focus on PIC activities; however, LioniX International will continue to offer and expand its microfluidics, optofluidics and MEMS services to its customers, thereby enabling them to also profit from the vertical integration of a “one stop shop.”


Magic Micro

Magic Micro Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of Display LED, Lighting LED and vehicle LED on the basis of innovative and creative technologies. The company has self-core technologies as “Spot Plating” and established “All in House system” in the whole process by cost, production and technology competitiveness. For customer satisfaction, Magic Micro provides quick map based CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) customer service.




For more information contact Dr.  Joost van Kerkhof (j.vankerkhof@phix-pa.com)