QuiX quantum processing control unit

Quantum photonic processor successes

LioniX International TriPleX™ waveguides are at the heart of quantum photonic processors sold to research institutions across Europe.

light propagating in haar transform optical chip

TriPleX™ for image processing

A group of researchers have used LioniX International technology to build a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that drastically compresses image data.

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Briefing on Photonic Integrated Biosensors

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TriPleX Waveguide Technology

Our Photonic Integrated Circuits are based on silicon-nitride based waveguides. Our proprietary waveguide concept is called TriPleX technology. It has the lowest…

rgb light in an integrated photonic combiner


Photonic integrated circuits are key components in wearable retinal projection technology, enabling precise control of red, green and blue projector beams for augmented and virtual reality applications.

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