There’s nothing like talking in person to get a feel for how we can help. We’re at the following events and looking forward to meeting you.

photonics+ logo promoting LioniX International participation

PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference

29th and 30th June, Online

In partnership with EPIC, this networking event for the photonics industry brings together customers and suppliers for interactive networking and presentations. Come and talk to us about the benefits of integrating silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit modules into your technology.

euroocs 21 logo promoting LioniX International Participation

European Organ on Chip Society Conference

2nd and 3rd July, Online

Join us for Q+A at this highlight event discussing the most recent results related to research, development and application of Organ-on-Chip devices.

OECC21 logo promoting lionix international particpation

Optoelectronics and Communications Conference

3rd July, Online

We’ll be presenting Silicon Nitride photonics for radar as part of the session “Broadband Cognitive Radio Enabled by Microwave Photonics” at OECC 2021.

Partner of Twente

LioniX International is situated in the area of Twente, the Netherlands, where you can find many interesting initiatives and companies. Read about them on the website.