Considering a Multi Project Wafer Run?

We've put together an infographic to help you avoid common pitfalls and give you a starting point for PIC designing.
a photonic integrated circuit optical equalizer

Low error data transmission with an integrated photonic optical equalizer

Devices to support ultra-fast data-transmission could be possible thanks to a novel optical equalizer fabricated by LioniX International.
Integrated photonic ion trap chip in finished package with optical and electrical interfaceK. Mehta

A photonic integrated ion trap for scalable quantum computing

A photonic integrated ion trap fabricated by LioniX International is rivalling the most sophisticated experiments.
two photonics engineers working in a clean room wearing protective equipment

LioniX International in €19 million innovation hub

LioniX International is participating in a new €19 million European hub to increase access to photonics technology for small and medium sized enterprises.

Hans van den Vlekkert CEO of the year

Hans van den Vlekkert chosen as EPICs CEO of the year!
Photonic IC for structered lightLioniX International

Photonic Integrated Circuits for Structured Light

Advantages of the integrated photonic approach include robustness and reduced size. Where is this technology adding value?

Accelerated development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test

LioniX international accelerate development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test with other leading Leading Dutch biochip companies.

26 x better and faster without use of animals

How can we improve research in the development of medicines, food safety and chemical risks without the need for laboratory animals?

LioniX International appoints Arne Leinse as new CEO

On December 3, 2019 LioniX International has appointed Arne Leinse as the new CEO as of January 1st 2020.

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