Silicon-nitride waveguides
Photonic IC Assembly
Scalable PIC Production Volume

Photonic IC Modules based on Silicon-Nitride Waveguides

LioniX International offers Photonic Integrated Circuit modules, based on silicon-nitride waveguides.

We provide customized solutions for OEM’s and System Integrators. From design to fully assembled modules our vertical integrated approach supports our customer during the whole product development cycle. Furthermore supports our vertical integrated approach scalable production volumes. Finally we maintain our technology leadership secured by a strong IP position.

LioniX International supplies modules enabled by Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) based on its proprietary waveguide technology (TriPleX™). As a vertical integrated company we deliver a complete solution to our OEM customers: from initial design through volume manufacturing of products.

Our PIC modules and additional competences, like MEMS, micro- & opto-fluidics are used in a suite of applications in Telecom/Datacom, Life Science, Metrology and are offered as well in via our technology services.

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